A is for Adventure.

So i have to get something off my chest..I'm an adventure junky. I believe life is made for us to live and to experience and to fall in love with this adventure we call life...and long story short life is the grandest adventure of them all don't you think?

So to start of our A-Z list of things which we love and things which make a happy life.
I chose A and i chose Adventure. You can make an adventure right where your feet stand.

Here's a list of the top ten adventures i have yet to live that i just cannot wait to tick off:

  • Go Sky Diving
  • Go Camping Up A Mountain
  • Visit Hawaii
  • Sleep Under The Stars
  • See The Northern Lights
  • Do A Colour run
  • Learn To Surf
  • Take A Boat Ride In Venice Italy
  • Cliff Jump In Australia
  • The Biggest Adventure of all. Fall Completely In Love. Get Married. And teach my kids that life is the greatest adventure of them all.

We want a life filled with adventure, both big and small then we got to chose it. It's all down to you. And i don't know about you but i choose adventure and i'll choose it every time.

Love life, and turn our can'ts into can's and our dreams into plans.

                                                                  Jade xx