Bucket Lists

Am I the only one who LOVES bucket lists?! Or the only one who struggles to keep them realistic and achievable?

Although somewhat difficult to write, bucket lists are great! What I love is that you can literally make a bucket list on anything and everything! For example, you could make a: seasonal (summer, autumn, winter, spring), a new years (2017), a more specific (fitness), or a lifetime bucket list. There's ENDLESS amounts!

Have you ever heard of SMART targets?? It stands for:

Don't follow it. Bucket lists are supposed to be random and fun, things that you probably wouldn't do everyday- you don't have to know the exact details of it. Okay, maybe don't completely disregard the SMART targets, because it needs to be at least a little bit realistic and achievable otherwise it'll be sitting on that list FOREVER!

It's all about making it FUN, or even something you just need to improve/ randomly want to do.
Anyway, I figured I'd share with y'all some of the things on my 2017 bucket list. The majority of the list is actually things I want to improve on, but there's a few random things on there also...

(here's just a page of my bucket list)

Okay I know what you're thinking,"that's not going to last long", well it's worth a shot! I guess the simple answer as to why I wanna get fit is because I'm not a big fan on the way I look, so I'm gonna get ma muscles on!

Clearly there's a lot of things I want to be MORE of! It's never too late to be more of something, especially loving. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I'm just trying to have a brighter outlook on life- like Pres Thomas S Monson says: "you do not find the happy life, you make it".

You would not BELIEVE how many books I've started writing but never finished, and one of my biggest 'goals' is to complete a story because I dunno I just love writing and one deserves to be finished.

Other random  ones include:
- have a water gun paint fight (with white clothes)
- change my hair
- learn to drive
- be a 'vegetarian' for a week
- dance in the rain

Sooo here's just a few of the things on my 2017 bucket list, I hope you kinda get the gist of how bucket lists should be, or at least recognized and appreciate how much I LOVE them.


  1. I love all kind of lists too! I think I've like 1000 lists about my life in phone and some more lists combined into some excels in my Mac, haha! Your bucket list has a lot of good stuff in it, I hope you can achieve all those during 2017! :)

    Best, Nora / https://dreamerachiever.com

  2. Oh, dancing in the rain is so much fun!
    Wonderful things on your bucket list :-) I hope you'll get to do them all :-)

    ~ Jasmin N
    // littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi

  3. I am a huge fan of lists and planning but i never follow the SMART rule. I prefer to prioritize things on my own.

  4. I've not really had a bucket list, although at some point I will probably make one

  5. This is such an amazing list! I really need to work on some goals and bucket lists as well :)

  6. I always think about making bucket lists and actually I made one for 2016 where I barely did half of the things I had written down. I have now decided to let it be!

    Carlota | http://thewandereuse.com

  7. I love bucket lists, I think they're a great way to achieve things! Your list is really good, good luck ticking them all off!
    Emily xx

  8. Vienna has been on my bucket list for a while and everyone who's been has nothing but good things to say - your post got me even more excited now :) I love your pictures!