Good Shoes Take You Good Places

Everyone has an obsession with one thing or another.. mine is SHOES!!! In particular, casual footwear! I am always looking out for unique shoes that catch my eye! I feel shoes definitely complete my outfit and so I decided to put this blog post together to show you some of my favourite shoes I own and why I love each pair.. and it is true, good shoes do take you to good places! 

Old Skool Vans  
The Old Skool are the Vans classic skate shoe, featuring a black suede and black canvas, making wearing trainers more of a fashion statement. I love these shoes as they complete a casual outfit, and because of being black and white, they can be worn with pretty much anything! 

All Star Converse
I love the bold colour of these converse, making them stand out from the rest of the outfit.. maybe because this blue is my favourite colour! This particular pair of converse is slim fit, making them fit my feet perfectly! Converse have always been a winner! 

Nike Trainers
When deciding on a pair of shoes, one particular popular choice is Nike! Nike offer the perfect comfort, I literally feel like I am walking on air when I am wearing these! They are the best fit when engaging in sport activities, but what i love most about this particular pair of Nike trainers, is that they don't just have to be worn for sport, they can complete pretty much any causal outfit too!

Flowery Vans 
I love, love, loveee the style of these Vans! I love how defined this shoe is to detail, being covered in flowers and the fact that they are so unique to the Van brand; i do not know anyone else that wears them! These Vans are super comfy and offer a 'pretty' look to a casual outfit. 


Soulcal & CO
These shoes are perfect for the chilled, casual look! They are great for the summer vibe, and everyone loves a slip on shoe! Another bonus is that they are super cheap but give rich quality.

Nike SB Stefan Janoski 
I love the contrast of the Nike tick against the blue canvas of the shoe, making a striking appearance. These shoes give super comfort and are practical for any activity! I love the cool, chilled vibe they portray!


  1. I love casual shoes as well, my favourites are the Nike shoes and the ones with the little dainty flowers :)

  2. I've got a quite of collection Vans & Converse too, they're just so freaking good to walk around. Oh, and they also feel so good on feet!
    Those floral ones look so cute! xx

    ~ Jasmin N

  3. I love these shoes! I'm a sucker for a good pair of sneakers, mostly nike and I definitely agree with the quote! :D

  4. love the pastel blue & flower ones!
    xo, Margot

  5. I love the Nike shoes - they all look really fun but the Nike ones are cool! My wife is a huge Converse fan.

  6. Loving these. I've only got one pair of converse but hubby has like a hundred. They are super comfy and look proper jazzy.
    Katja xxx

  7. I love those shoes, sneakers are basically all I wear